Equipment Maintenance Training

Can you be sure your archery equipment is maintained to the standards that your customers deserve and expect?

We all know that archery kit is often subjected to rough handling and abuse throughout the year and with the increasing complexity of equipment as well the demands for higher standards from insurers, governing bodies and your customer base it is vital that your archery equipment is inspected on a regular basis and maintained to ensure it is “fit for purpose”.

This bespoke, internally certificated course is designed to give your employees the knowledge and practical skills to be able to assess the condition and suitability of your archery equipment and carry out any necessary repairs. 

Most insurers will now insist that you carry out and record regular maintenance checks on your equipment and any repairs undertaken. This half day course will help you staff recognise and repair common problems associated with modern archery equipment

Our Governing Body trained staff can not only help you make certain your archery equipment is maintained to the highest standards but also ensure the safety and well being of both your workforce and, more importantly your customers.

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