Other Services

As East Anglia’s leading supplier of Archery Tuition, Feathers and Fletchings are pleased to announce the introduction of two new services available to outdoor activity centres, holiday parks and archery providers across the UK.

Equipment Maintenance Programmes - Can you be sure your archery equipment is maintained to the standards that your customers deserve and expect?

We all know that archery kit is often subjected to rough handling and abuse throughout the year and with the increasing complexity of equipment as well the demands for higher standards from insurers, governing bodies and your customer base it is vital that your archery equipment is inspected on a regular basis and maintained to ensure it is “fit for purpose”.

We can assess the condition and suitability of your archery equipment, carry out any necessary repairs and provide replacement items if required. Following our inspection we provide a full written report detailing the condition of each item including riser, limbs, rests, strings, arrows, targets and safety netting. The report also details repairs undertaken and recommendations for future maintenance.

Whether you need a one off assessment or a programmed six monthly maintenance schedule, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a comprehensive, flexible service, which can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Risk Assessment Reports - We can look at archery activities with a fresh pair of eyes and can recommend ways in which you can provide a safer and more cost effective activity for your customers.

We survey your shooting range for compliance with governing body recommendations and produce Risk Assessments for both the venue and activity. In addition we provide a full report with detailed site plans, range layouts and recommendations for any improvements.

Contact us to find out how we can help you provide an improved, safer and more enjoyable experience for your customers.