Professional Archery Coaching From Novice to Elite
"In Pursuit of the Perfect Score"
Well hello, hello and hello again. Thanks for popping over to see us here at Feathers and Fletchings.
While you are here, you may as well stay a while and see what we have to offer. Have a rummage through the menu on the left and the shiny buttons near the bottom. I am sure there will be something to grab you by the quiver and make your fletchings jiggle.
So, you may be asking, what exactly do Feathers and Fletchings actually do?
Well it’s a good question (and one we sometimes ask ourselves.) You are obviously a person who asks questions and demands answers. So, just for you, here is the answer. In short we do archery related stuff.
We run sessions for schools, colleges, sports centres as well as providing individual or private coaching.
We can also train your staff to teach archery to others through our close links with the National Governing Body. In addition to the NGB Archery Leaders qualification we also offer a range of services to support activity centres and commercial sports coaches.
So whether you are a complete novice, a club level archer or aspire to Olympic glory we can help you achieve your goals. We aim (see - the puns have started already) to provide a range of services to suit YOUR needs and requirements.

ASGC Member 2012  Institute of Outdoor Learning Member 2012   Council for Learning Outside the Classroom Member 2012

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